Planning and architecture went through a paradigm shift at the turn of the 20th century. The industrialized cities of the 19th century vat a tremendous rate. The pace and style of this industrial construction was largely dictated by the concerns of private business. The evils of urban life for the working poor were becoming increasingly evident as a matter for public concern. The laissez-faire style of government management of the economy, in fashion for most of the Victorian era, was starting to give way to a New Liberalism that championed intervention on the part of the poor and disadvantaged. Around 1900, theorists began developing urban planning models to mitigate the consequences of the industrial age, by providing citizens, especially factory workers, with healthier environments.


Raji city is by all means a city of your dreams planned to perfection. Artistically built and planned with authority, Raji City provides you the best lifestyle in the most secure vicinity of your city. Just minutes away from Jinnah International Airport, and Karachi Toll Plaza, surrounded by all the high end developmental projects, and with all the famous commercial and entertainment spots within reach, Raji City is simply the city of your dreams, spread on 182 Acres. Get ready to embrace the stunning lifestyle that Raji City provides.

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